Hiking around England in 15 Craft Beers

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As the wise Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” If you’re as enthusiastic about hiking and craft beer as I am, then this blog post is for you. I’ve explored the length and breadth of England, combining scenic hikes with stops at some of the finest craft breweries, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you. So grab your walking boots and join me on this thirst-quenching adventure through 15 of England’s most beautiful landscapes, all perfectly paired with a refreshing local craft beer.

The Lake District Ramble & Hawkshead Brewery

Hawkshead Brewery

Our first stop is the picturesque Lake District, home to the Old Man of Coniston Loop. This 6-mile hike takes you through enchanting woodland and past glistening lakes, culminating in panoramic views from the summit of the Old Man of Coniston. Be sure to pause and appreciate the unique beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Hawkshead Bitter: Earthy, balanced, malty

After a well-earned descent, you’ll no doubt be thirsty, so make your way to the Hawkshead Brewery in Staveley. Here you can enjoy a pint of their flagship Hawkshead Bitter, with its earthy hop aroma and perfectly balanced malt sweetness. You might even spot a red squirrel or two as you sip your pint – the brewery is located within a designated conservation area for these adorable creatures!

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South Downs Walk & Burning Sky Brewery

Burning Sky Brewery

Next up is the Seven Sisters Cliffs hike, a stunning 8-mile walk along the South Downs Way. With its iconic white cliffs and unparalleled views of the English Channel, this is truly a walk to remember. Keep an eye out for the famous Belle Tout lighthouse, and be sure to explore the charming village of Birling Gap.

Arise IPA: Tropical, crisp, hoppy

Once you’ve completed this invigorating coastal walk, head to the Burning Sky Brewery in Firle. Their Arise IPA is a delightful reward for your efforts – an easy-drinking session ale with tropical fruit notes and a crisp, hoppy finish. The brewery itself is nestled in the beautiful South Downs, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

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Cotswolds Trail & Stroud Brewery

Stroud Brewery

No tour of England would be complete without a visit to the Cotswolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Cleeve Hill Circular is a 6-mile hike that offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside, from the quaint villages nestled in the valleys to the rolling hills as far as the eye can see.

Tom Long Amber Bitter: Rich, fruity, dry

Once you’ve soaked in the quintessential English charm, it’s time for a trip to the Stroud Brewery. Their Tom Long Amber Bitter is a must-try, with a rich malt backbone, fruity hop aroma, and a satisfyingly dry finish. And with the brewery’s commitment to sustainability, you can feel good about your choice of tipple.

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Dartmoor Expedition & Dartmoor Brewery

Dartmoor Brewery

Dartmoor National Park is a hiker’s paradise, and the Haytor Rocks hike is a fantastic way to explore it. This 5-mile walk takes you through lush valleys, past ancient tors, and up to the iconic Haytor Rocks, where you can marvel at the rugged beauty of the granite outcrops.

Dartmoor IPA: Fruity, hoppy, bitter

Once you’ve conquered Haytor, head to the Dartmoor Brewery in Princetown. Their Dartmoor IPA is a classic example of the style, with a rich amber hue, fruity hop aroma, and a satisfying bitterness that lingers on the palate. The brewery itself is located at an elevation of 1,400 feet, making it one of the highest in England – a fitting reward for your efforts on the hike.

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Peak District Adventure & Thornbridge Brewery

Thornbridge Brewery

The Peak District is home to some of England’s most breathtaking scenery, and the 6-mile Mam Tor Circular Walk is a great way to experience it. As you ascend Mam Tor, enjoy views of the Hope Valley and the Edale Valley, and don’t forget to explore the fascinating remnants of an ancient Iron Age hill fort.

Jaipur IPA: Citrusy, malty, refreshing

After this exhilarating walk, it’s time to visit the Thornbridge Brewery in Bakewell. Their renowned Jaipur IPA is a must-try, with a burst of citrusy hops, a subtle malt backbone, and a clean, refreshing finish. Be sure to also explore the historic market town of Bakewell, famous for its delicious Bakewell Pudding – the perfect accompaniment to your pint!

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Yorkshire Dales Trek & Ilkley Brewery

Ilkley Brewery

The 7-mile Malham Cove and Gordale Scar hike in the Yorkshire Dales is a true geological wonder (and one of our most Instagrammable hikes). Be amazed by the dramatic limestone formations of Malham Cove, created by ancient glacial meltwater, and explore the spectacular gorge of Gordale Scar. Keep an eye out for peregrine falcons soaring overhead!

Mary Jane Pale Ale: Light, zesty, hoppy

Once you’ve completed this awe-inspiring hike, pay a visit to the Ilkley Brewery in Ilkley. Their Mary Jane Pale Ale is the perfect post-hike refreshment, with its light body, zesty citrus notes, and a satisfyingly hoppy finish. Why not enjoy your pint in the shadow of the famous Cow and Calf rocks, a legendary local landmark?

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Northumberland Coast & Alnwick Brewery

Alnwick Brewery

Our next stop is the stunning Northumberland coast, where a 10-mile walk from Bamburgh Castle to Holy Island awaits. Along the way, you’ll be treated to beautiful views of the North Sea, and you might even spot some of the area’s famous grey seals lounging on the shore.

Alnwick Gold: Sweet, floral, crisp

After completing this coastal adventure, head to the Alnwick Brewery to sample their Alnwick Gold. This golden ale boasts a delicate balance of sweet malt and floral hops, with a crisp, refreshing finish that’s perfect for enjoying by the sea. Don’t forget to explore Alnwick Castle, a location featured in the Harry Potter films!

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Forest of Dean Stroll & Forest Brewery

Forest Brewery

The enchanting Forest of Dean is home to the 4.5-mile Sculpture Trail, where you can explore unique artwork installations set against a backdrop of ancient woodland. Keep an eye out for the famous giant’s chair, one of the trail’s most iconic sculptures.

Foxy Fox Amber Ale: Malty, fruity, gentle

After your walk, visit The Forest Brewery in Lydney, where you can enjoy their Foxy Fox Amber Ale. This delightful ale features a pleasant maltiness, balanced by a touch of fruity hop aroma and a gentle bitterness. The brewery is located in a stunning setting near the Forest of Dean, making it the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy your pint amidst the beautiful surroundings.

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Exmoor National Park & Exmoor Ales

Exmoor Ales

The 4-mile Valley of Rocks hike in Exmoor National Park is a dramatic coastal walk with stunning views of the Bristol Channel. Marvel at the imposing rock formations, and don’t miss the chance to spot the feral goats that call the area home.

Exmoor Gold: Smooth, delicate, sweet

Once you’ve completed this exhilarating hike, stop by the Exmoor Ales brewery in Wiveliscombe. Their Exmoor Gold is a delight, with its smooth malt character, delicate hop aroma, and a slight sweetness that’s perfect after a day on the trails. The brewery’s location in a historic woolen mill adds to the charm, making it a must-visit destination.

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New Forest Walk & Vibrant Forest Brewery

Vibrant Forest Brewery

The 1.5-mile Knightwood Oak Trail in the New Forest showcases ancient trees and diverse wildlife, making for a peaceful and enchanting stroll. Keep an eye out for the Knightwood Oak, the largest and oldest oak in the forest, estimated to be around 600 years old.

Kaleidoscope IPA: Tropical, citrusy, crisp

After your walk, it’s time to head to the Vibrant Forest Brewery in Lymington. Their Kaleidoscope IPA is the perfect post-hike refreshment, with its tropical fruit notes, bright citrus aroma, and a crisp, hoppy finish. The brewery is situated near the picturesque New Forest coastline, so why not take a leisurely stroll along the shore to round off your day?

Norfolk Coast Path & Woodforde’s Brewery

Woodforde’s Brewery

The 8-mile Blakeney Point hike along the Norfolk Coast Path offers picturesque coastal views, abundant birdlife, and the chance to spot seals basking on the sandbanks. Be sure to visit the quaint village of Cley-next-the-Sea, with its iconic windmill and charming cottages.

Wherry Amber Ale: Smooth, delicate, bitter

After completing this delightful coastal walk, head to Woodforde’s Brewery in Woodbastwick. Their Wherry Amber Ale is a true Norfolk classic, boasting a smooth malt character, delicate hop aroma, and a satisfyingly bitter finish. The brewery is located in a beautiful converted barn, making it a charming spot to enjoy your well-deserved pint.

Cornwall Coastal Walk & St. Austell Brewery

St. Austell Brewery

The 6-mile St. Ives to Zennor hike along the Cornwall coast offers dramatic cliffs, stunning ocean views, and the chance to spot playful seals and dolphins in the waters below. The charming village of Zennor is the perfect place to pause and enjoy a Cornish pasty before continuing your journey.

Proper Job IPA: Zesty, robust, refreshing

Once you’ve completed this unforgettable coastal walk, make your way to St. Austell Brewery in St. Austell. Their Proper Job IPA is a true Cornish delight, with its zesty citrus notes, robust hop bitterness, and a clean, refreshing finish. While you’re there, don’t forget to explore the fascinating brewery museum, which details the history of brewing in Cornwall.

Shropshire Hills & Hobsons Brewery

Hobsons Brewery

The 6-mile hike across the Long Mynd in the Shropshire Hills offers stunning landscapes, from heather-clad moorland to deep valleys and glistening streams. Be sure to visit the picturesque Carding Mill Valley, with its charming tea room and fascinating National Trust information centre.

Town Crier Golden Ale: Light, fruity, crisp

After completing this inspiring hike, head to Hobsons Brewery in Cleobury Mortimer. Their Town Crier Golden Ale is a fantastic choice, featuring a light malt body, subtle fruitiness, and a crisp hop bitterness. The brewery is located in a beautiful rural setting, making it the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the Shropshire countryside.

North York Moors & Black Sheep Brewery

Black Sheep Brewery

The 3-mile Roseberry Topping hike in the North York Moors offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, including the charming village of Great Ayton, the childhood home of Captain Cook. As you make your way to the summit, be sure to explore the intriguing ruins of the old ironstone railway.

Black Sheep Best Bitter: Rich, fruity, dry

After finishing the hike, it’s time to head to the Black Sheep Brewery in Masham. Their Best Bitter is a quintessential Yorkshire ale, with its rich maltiness, fruity hop aroma, and a satisfyingly dry finish. While you’re there, why not take a brewery tour and learn about the history and brewing process of this iconic Yorkshire institution?

Chiltern Hills & Chiltern Brewery

Chiltern Brewery

Last but not least, the 5-mile Ivinghoe Beacon Circular Walk in the Chiltern Hills offers beautiful views of the rolling countryside, with ancient woodlands and picturesque villages along the way. The Ivinghoe Beacon itself, with its Iron Age hill fort remains, provides a fascinating glimpse into the area’s history.

Beechwood Bitter: Rich, fruity, hoppy

Once you’ve completed this charming walk, visit the Chiltern Brewery in Terrick. Their Beechwood Bitter is the perfect way to round off our thirst-quenching adventure, with its rich malt character, subtle fruitiness, and a crisp, hoppy finish. The brewery is located in an idyllic rural setting, offering a peaceful spot to relax and reflect on your hiking and beer-tasting journey.


So there you have it – 15 beautiful hikes around England, each paired with a delicious local craft beer to quench your thirst. From the rugged beauty of the Lake District to the dramatic cliffs of Cornwall, these hikes and breweries offer a unique way to explore the stunning English countryside. I hope this blog post has inspired you to lace up your walking boots and embark on your own thirst-quenching adventure. Remember to always hike responsibly, drink responsibly, and most importantly, enjoy the journey. Cheers!

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